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Borgo le Terrazze, Hotel in Bellagio B&BBorgo le Terrazze, Hotel in Bellagio B&B

Relaxing breakfast

Local flavours

A calm start to the day

Borgo le Terrazze, Hotel in Bellagio B&B

At Borgo le Terrazze breakfast has a magical ingredient: the panoramic view. A little bit of luxury in addition to possibility to enjoy our meals up to 11am. Plus, during the day, you can stop at the Pure Bar&Bistrot for a “zero food miles” dish, a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Great aroma

Our aim to salute you with the best start in the morning during your B&B holiday in Bellagio includes a selection of the best raw material, top quality fresh food, a buffet accurately set, the possibility to give you a warm welcome up to 11 am.The Borgo le Terrazze buffet is set up with fragrant bread, nice warm pies, croissant browsed in addition to a succulent selection of fruit in season, eggs made-to-order, bacon, sausage and tasty local cold cuts and cheeses, yoghurts, jams and much more.In the summertime, breakfast is served alfresco, on the terrace facing the lake.

Pure Bar&Bistrot

Our philosophy is as simple as that: less, tiny but high-quality, without claiming to be a restaurant. The bar (a lovely bar!) is open from 10 am to 10 pm; Pure Bistrot from 12 pm to 8 pm.Feeling like having an energizing aperitif on the way back from an excursion? Beside a refreshing and carefully mixed cocktail, we are glad to propose you tasty bites to eat. Longing for a quick snack like a salad, raw ham and melon, a tasting of local cold cuts and cheese or lasagna?It is our pleasure to serve you. Possibly you can also wine pairing choosing from the finest labels in our cellar, where we have biological wines too, selected in cooperation with a wine expert.

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